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Super Kendama is an extremely addictive wooden skill toy that comes from Japan. It strengthens Hand Eye Coordination, Balance, and Reflex. It can be played anywhere and anyone, both men and women, young and old. There are endless trick possibilities for both the beginner and the seasoned master.
The Kendamas tricks are done by variations of juggling the ball in the 3 cups, spiking the ball with the... Ken spike, and balancing both in new creative ways. Mastering the Kendama takes Practice, Focus, Patience, and Creativity.
Super Kendama is a simple, productive, interactive toy that strengthens mental and physical skills while you play. Super Kendama made by 100% wood. In today’s world of toys bombarded with flashy lights, computers, and mainstream entertainment, the Super Kendama stands out with its simple design and creative new ways to have fun.

Super Kendama

Brings you different Designs, Colors and Different Sizes with high quality material...

All the Super Kendama made by solid wood.